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Americans for the Arts

Americans for the Arts amplifies the voice of every artist, arts organization, educator, and advocate in every state by making the case for the arts and sharing the message at the national level. Americans for the Arts provides training, research and tools; advocates for policies and funding that support the arts; and builds strategic partnerships that advance the arts and arts education everywhere. With a focus on  arts education, arts and healing, public art, arts and business, advocacy for arts-friendly public policy, and  leadership development in the arts, Americans for the Arts empowers the artists, arts organizations, educators, businesses, and nonprofits working independently across the country.

Looking to get more involved? When you’re involved with Americans for the Arts, you’ll be helping to make the case for the arts and arts education in America. Connecting with your peers who support the arts across the country.  Following all the latest in-depth information on the topics you care about the most – from arts education to research and beyond.

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Americans for the Arts

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